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Download our FREE Digital Marketing Strategy Template and Digital Marketing Action Plan Template to help you achieve your business and marketing goals.

Our research indicates that over 50% of small to medium-sized businesses do not have a formal digital strategy and plan in place. Without a solid digital marketing strategy and plan, you could waste time, effort and money on activities that are not relevant. Plus, you could miss huge growth opportunities.

Our templates have been designed to help small business owners and marketing professionals achieve their goals. Our templates are user-friendly, practical and include explanations and examples. 

1. Digital Marketing Strategy Template

Learn how to structure your digital strategy:

  • Establish your SMART business / marketing objectives
  • Identify your target buyer
  • Determine the digital strategy components that are most relevant to your business


2. Digital Marketing Action Plan Template

Once you complete your strategy, it's time to lay out the actions:

  • Identify key activities to execute each digital component
  • Pinpoint the appropriate individual / resource to action each activity
  • Determine the key metrics so you can effectively measure each activity
  • Schedule a reasonable due date
  • Clarify who will be held accountable for each activity