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Marketing Loco - The New Resource for Small Business, Start-Ups and the Savvy Entrepreneur

Isabelle Durkin

Marketing Loco is a new player in the marketing and eRecruitment space and they are meeting the needs for small businesses, start-ups and the ever tenacious entrepreneurs

The founders of Marketing Loco saw a need to assist time poor small business owners and start-up creators. Often with low resources including, time and funding the new and smaller end  of the market can struggle to get through the to do list.  

Outsourcing some of the fiddly marketing tasks and engaging an experienced online recruiters by is a viable solution and one that many are employing.

eRecruitment is a new emerging service area that involves hiring and working with virtual assistants and virtual customer service staff. This is a perfect solution for resource strapped companies as it gets them the help they need without employing a full time staff member.

Not only is this good for the small company but it allows workers around the globe access to work where there otherwise might not be any in their particular location.  

Marketing Loco’s offering weaves through the candidate sourcing and selection process to find suitable candidates for their clients. They’ll even guide companies through the process of working with a VA (Virtual Assistant) or VCSR (Virtual Customer Service Representative).

To see if Marketing Loco’s services are right for you just go to their website for more information on their current offerings.  

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